Currently being transacted in Cryptocurrencies and Bank card. So in order to deposit you must have a virtual wallet from a third party cryptocurrency provider of your choice or a bank card.

Nations Trading only has cryptocurrency as means of fund withdrawal.

Be sure to check the drop down menu in the bill section, once you are ready to invest into one of the challenges.


crypto allow


For political and liability related factors, Nations Trading cannot recommend any third party cryptocurrency providers. (This is totally up to the trader’s own education and own research). One fact that we can include to help you decide is that, many cryptocurrency providers have software capabilities to be used on your smart device and it can also allow you to create a bridge between your cryptocurrency funds and your fiat currency account (Banks).

  1. The initial investment is paid in full to allow the trader to participate in the Nations Trading funding program. If the client makes an email request for cancellation after the challenge has been paid, the customer is not entitled to a refund; this includes failure to complete any of the stages (Challenge & Verification). Furthermore, owing to the client’s inability to keep within the limitations of goal profit percentage, daily loss percentage authorized, and maximum negative percent balance permitted, the customer will not be entitled to a refund.
  2. Customers who overpay for a challenge will receive a full refund of the amount they payed for the outstanding balance. This includes paying twice for the same account toward the same challenge using the same Nations Trading payment code.
  3. When a customer places a trade the challenge stage begins. If there is no trading activity for 30 days as a maximum permitted to complete the challenge, a customer’s account will be disabled; therefore, disqualified and this customer will not be eligible for a refund at that time.
  4. If a customer ends the challenge or verification stage in profits but did not meet the required target profit %, this will not entitle the customer to a refund nor a retry without an initial deposit towards a new challenge.
  5. It is the customer’s responsibility to learn about the funding program’s rules and regulations including parameters percentages allowed, furthermore it is also the customer’s responsibility to learn and acknowledge what is not allowed during the funding process this includes all the FAQ listed on our website ( By purchasing a challenge, the customer agrees to all of our statements.

The expedited was to achieve a MILLION dollar trading account is by investing in 10x$100k challenges and upon completion of all the challenges, we will merge all of your completed $100k accounts into a ONE MILLION DOLLAR ACCOUNT (MAXIMUM ACCOUNT SIZE).

Nations Trading does not pay back the initial investment made by you towards your future as a career trader. But look at the bright side, once you completed our funding process you will be making 80% of your total profits trading with our capital.

Before making a deposit make sure to double-check the minimum amount required to be deposited (visible when acquiring the deposit address), failing to do so will result in a loss of funds, which we cannot be held responsible for.

Once a trade is entered into your challenge account, your Nations Trading challenge officially begins. From that point on, you have 30 days to finish the challenge phase (1st phase). An email letting you know that you have reached the second and final stage will be sent once a trader has finished the challenge phase (verification). Without the need of any trading activity, the verification stage will begin automatically counting down the days of expiration. Additionally, traders will have an additional 30 days to complete the last and final phase ( verification). After getting a funded account, traders have 30 days to engage in trading activity or the funded account will be disabled.

Both stages (Challenge & verification) have up to 30 calendar days to complete each stage.

Nations Trading’s Meta Trader servers/challenges are based on the GMT+0 time zone.

Last read Equity – Start day Equity = Variation of capital
Variation of capital * 100 / Start day Equity = % Variation of capital
If % Variation of capital >= 5 over day, your account will be disabled automatically.

Unfortunately you will be disqualified, if we bend the rules for one trader, this will be unfair to the rest of the traders that respect the parameters set by Nations Trading.

Please allow up to 48 hours (2 business days) from the minimum trading days set to your account, in order for us to review your account and give you instructions on how to proceed to the next stage or funded account.

A trading day is counted only the day that a trade was placed. You must stay in a trade for at least 3 minutes for our system to count it towards your progress.

* Example: I opened a trade on Monday and closed it on a Friday this will count as ONE TRADING DAY.

Please contact our support team so we can find a solution to your issue,

*We solely base our data from the MetaTrader4 platform, so if your account has not been disabled this means that you are still within the parameters not to be disqualified, so don’t panic!

No you may not use a EA/BOT, because we are looking to fund talented traders not machines. If done so, the challenge will be terminated. You can only use an Expert Advisor on EA challenges.

At this time, we do not have a retry system in place, but we will consider it for the future.

We do not give a refund on the initial investment, but once funded you will get 80% of your profits!

Absolutely not allowed for anyone.

No, you may not use a copy trader. We are looking to fund only talented traders. If done so, the challenge will be terminated.

To consider profit sharing with a funded trader, the % Return minimum to be approached should not be less than 2.5% since the last Balance movements (in/out) in the funded account; otherwise, this amount will be considered an operational cost for the company (all process involved).